Indoor Shooting Range Stalls & Equipment

The innovative design of our shooting stalls allows for the best shooter orientation, protection and comfort while maximizing the number of lanes a specific area can facilitate.


PIT offers the most diverse shooting stalls with the highest safety ratings and most customizable options. Independent ballistic testing and advanced designs ensure that shooters stay safe and comfortable in your range. Various color options, attachable accessories, interchangeable ballistic panels, and multiple table options are available to customize your range and create the ideal shooting experience.

Action Target shooting stalls are engineered and independently tested to provide the best ballistic protection in the industry. Glass and steel core panels are available in handgun and rifle rated options to protect against today’s advanced firearms.

The PIT Shooting Stall is the most modular shooting stall on the market. Interchangeable ballistic panels make it easy and economical to replace parts. Custom color options and attachable accessories give your range a unique look and feel.


  • Interchangeable components allow for future upgrades and complete customization.


  • Multiple colors, accessories, ballistic panels, and table configurations are available.


  • Independent tests validate ballistic integrity of panels.


  • The Defender Stall sets ranges apart with its modern design.


  • Modular components enable easy replacement and service as parts wear.


  • Tactical carts, pivot tables, and dimmable lights allow for versatile use and training.

Like every component of our Shooting Ranges, our Shooting Stalls are designed and engineered with the shooter in mind. We use only top quality materials and construction methods to ensure top quality and safety in all our Shooting Stalls and the entire Shooting Ranges we build.



The PIT shooting stalls have a number of available accessories that customize a shooter’s experience and add functionality to any shooting range.

Shooting Range Industries will work with you to design the ideal set up and shooting range design to custom fit your needs and allotted space.

Target Retrievers System

The PIT Target Retrieval System opens a new chapter in target retrieval systems.  The days of using cables and electric bus bars are over. What makes this possible is the carrier, which houses onboard the power supply for 30 hours of continuous use as well as the electronics to control the carrier and charge the battery.

When you send a target to 25m, it’s at 25m, exactly. They are expected to last the lifetime of the carrier. The electronics were designed and programmed in house, using the latest LCD LED backlight technology and touch widescreen.

Our simple design using durable materials ensures a long life of every Target Retrieval System we manufacture. The Target Retrieval System is independently operated by each shooter to allow for controlled positioning of each target’s distance. We do offer different options, and will work with you to help select the system that is right for you. All Target Retrieval Systems come complete with Motor Control Boxes, Retrieval Ends, Target Car & Hangers, Drive Cord, Pre-Constructed Wiring Harness & Switches and Individual Stall Mounted Controls.


Investing in a target retriever from PIT helps ranges improve training and customer retention, generate more revenue, and reduce down time. The wireless PIT retriever is the most engaging and robust retriever on the market. It features a modern, easy to use interface and training scenarios for all skill levels. These programs offer shooters an unparalleled experience, improve both novice and expert shooters, and keep them shooting longer.



  • Capable of traveling up to 5m per second.


  • Target distances are accurate within 1cm.


  • Specifically designed to withstand the abusive conditions inside a range.


  • Functions without the use of cables or bus bars, reducing down time.
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  • Preloaded programs with advanced lighting and features keep shooters in your range.


  • Full range of motion including spinning, random edging, and teasing function.

Learn more by watching the system in action. Want to learn more and discuss your range needs? We’re here to receive your email or call.


The PIT Touch-N-Go was specifically designed to be a quality retriever with simple functionality. The Touch-N-Go is constructed of the highest quality, industrial grade components available. A user friendly touch screen interface controls all the features including lighting, target turning, shooting distance, and more.
Complete Lane Control: Users are able to control their shooting distances, stall lighting, target lighting, target exposure, time drills, programs, and more.
Programs and Drills: The Touch Plus comes preloaded with a standard set of programs and customizable time drills.
Industrial Strength Components: The Touch Plus interface is built to withstand the abusive environment of a shooting range.


The PIT comes preloaded with drills developed by leading firearms trainers that challenge every shooter. These drills changing programs have been proven to engage shooters, keeping them in the range longer and consuming more ammunition.
Pistol & Rifle Programs: Several programs are built specifically for pistol and rifle shooters. These are available in beginner, intermediate, and advanced formats.
Pistol Qualification Programs: Standardized qualification scenarios provide both civilian and law enforcement users the ability to practice.
Personal Defense Programs: Charging, reload, and decision making drills for varying skill levels help train shooters through self-guided training.
Games: Numerous shooting game programs keep shooters on their toes and improving their skills, all while having fun.

Range Security

We have no age limit for use of range as long as all minors are accompanied by an adult 21 years or older at all times.

Target Security Powered by full HD camera integrates cutting-edge camera technology, security equipment, highly trained security professionals, advanced monitoring centers, and intuitive user access management tools to provide the industry’s best security solution.




HD cameras with advanced video analytics provide the most reliable protection for your range. These systems are able to recognize a number of perimeter breaches including entering/exiting, object removal/abandonment, loitering, and system compromises.


Secure each room or door with key card, biometric, or passcode access systems and manage user access through an easy-to-use cloud-based network.


Full 1080p HD cameras and alarms strategically placed throughout the facility reduce internal theft and burglary.


Network video recording systems provide 24-hour recording with 40+ days of storage capability. A video monitoring system allows the range to monitor its activity and is compatible with PC and mobile devices (iOS and Android).


Full 1080P HD cameras in each lane allow visibility for the range safety officers, range owner, and front desk.